Who is Zella?

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With so many conflicting views, it can be a confusing time for a 
woman who is proud to show off her legs and enjoys a good wolf whistle/instagram like.

Blonde, fun and loves the limelight– what could be better? But life isn’t always as it seems, things are not always black and white, there are shades of grey (pun intended). Why not see for yourself in the Cabaret Chaos that is BITE ME BUT SMILE.

Zella bursts out Jazz numbers, Occa-ised Opera and Pop favourites, while dealing with narcissistic tendencies, the inability to keep a man and the judgemental voice of her friendDonna’ the kebab. She also takes a whack at some Burlesque but you can be the judge of how well she handles that. 

The alter Ego:3_DSC0660
Zella is the Alter Ego of Classical Trained singer Elizabeth Shearer. Elizabeth trained in
classical voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, graduating in 2013. After receiving her Bachelor of Music, she relocated to London for four years to broaden her horizons. During that time Elizabeth continued performing classically but explored alternative genres; jazz, pop and finally sketch comedy. Working with a stand up comedian she co-wrote two sketch shows ‘Am I not Pretty Enough?!’ and ‘Double Whammy’. After performing at UK fringe festivals, Elizabeth Shearer is back home in Australia to unleash her new alter ego Zella Shear in ‘Bite me But Smile’.